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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Rachel is trying to grow her vision! Here's a bit more on what she's working towards...  

Our Earth's Own Plant Project Application

Food Philosophy Kitchen is an emerging, plant-based food business which aims to create transformative yet approachable food that encourages people to be more critical about their food choices or just try something new! Founded by Rachel Lovick, a plant-based chef and culinary educator from Vancouver BC. Rachel created Food Philosophy to help people learn about food and making good food choices. She hopes to use Food Philosophy as an educational platform for plant-based living. She believes "good food" is a lifestyle - and you really are what you eat! 

Her philosophy is simple "eat a balanced, plant-based diet; feel good, and help sustain the planet and your community too!" Rachel is committed to using sustainably-sourced, ethical and organic ingredients; always supporting local producers and business directly, when possible. From packaging to shipping, she strives for a low waste business model which is considerate in all areas of consumption. 

This summer, Rachel plans to launch a premier series of Food Philosophy products which will bring forward ethical issues around food production globally; 10% of sales will be donated to organizations supporting these issues. Her first product, a coconut-based caramel sauce will be in honour of the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Food Philosophy will highlight the barbaric, cane sugar fuelled history of slavery and how it is still very relevant. As a cruelty-free business, you'll never find cane sugar in any products - that's just our Food Philosophy!    

Rachel would like to grow Food Philosophy into a multifaceted company, which would include a prepared meal service, Meal Kits with educational tutorials; and an all-age, plant-based cooking school. She plans to offer a versatile and nutritionally-complete prepared meal service; meals will be designed to make balanced eating easy (and delicious) based on lifestyle requirements. Additionally, our meal kits will have accompanying skill-building tutorials and educational videos for beginner to moderate level cooks, and people who just want to understand their food better! 

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